CCC celebrates Career & Technical Education


Nursing and Allied Health Director Lori Edwards shows area high school counselors Trauma Hal during a visit to the CCC Fourth Street campus last semester during a Programs of Study session at the College.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- They came from all over the county. Their intent was to learn all about what Coconino Community College has to offer high school students who are on a Career and Technical Education path.

More than 20 area high school counselors and teachers attended the CTE Programs of Study Coconino Consortium meeting at the CCC Fourth Street Campus during the spring semester. The participants were taken on a tour of the facility to learn about several of the CTE degree and certificate programs offered at CCC. Students from the Coconino High School culinary program provided a delicious lunch to the participants.

“I think that what we see today is going to help us develop our programs to give our students a more whole education,” said Jim Powers, a counselor at Williams High School.

“I’m interested to see how the programs are going here and to see their set-ups,” said Jeanne Gillespie, CTE Director for the Williams Unified School District.

Gillespie added that Williams High School has several Dual Enrollment classes with CCC, and she and Powers came to learn more about what CCC is offering. Williams High School offers three programs in Dual Enrollment – culinary arts, welding and law enforcement. WUSD also offers CAVIAT classes for students interested in bio-science and medical foundations. About a quarter of the WHS student body – about 50 students – are Dual Enrollment students, Gillespie and Powers estimated.

Kevin Mullins, CCC POS/CAVIAT Coordinator, said that the event is meant to disseminate information about CTE offerings at the College, like changes in programs and changes in fees. He added that POS allows students to take a “coherent sequence” of classes in order to complete requirements for CTE degree and certificate programs.

“The main idea is to offer students a logical pathway to get training, education and skills to be able to go into the job market and get a job,” Mullins said.

CCC Dean of CTE Monica Baker said, “It’s important to have this relationship to move students smoothly from high school to work, or to college and even university.”

Denise Folke, Perkins/HS2CCC Coordinator, said the event was made possible with grant funding from the State of Arizona Programs of Study through the Coconino County Programs of Study Consortium. The event was meant to coincide with National CTE Month and to showcase the CTE programs at CCC and in Coconino County.

During the tour, Capt. Marc Goldberg of the Flagstaff Fire Department, who also teaches at CCC, gave the participants a presentation on the Fire Science and Emergency Medical Services programs. Participants also got an inside look at a Guardian Medical Transport ambulance.

“We want to see people who want to be recruited,” Goldberg said. “It’s a rewarding career. It’s challenging. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.”

Lori Edwards, CCC Director of Nursing and Allied Health, explained the nursing program to the participants. Doris Beran, Allied Health Instructor, and James Clark, Allied Health Faculty, explained the certified nursing assistant and phlebotomy programs. CIS Faculty Dave Bowman explained Computer Information Systems, and Ken Myers, Construction and Sustainable Building Instructor explained the Construction Management program.


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