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Flagstaff business owner Victor Varela, a graduate of CCC, stands with his sons Gabriel and Joseph in front of a company vehicle. Varela credits his time at CCC as instrumental in his business success. For a video of Varela's experience, visit the CCC YouTube page here.

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – He went from family man to businessman, and Coconino Community College unlocked and opened a new door for him to prosper.

Victor Varela is a CCC graduate with a success story that embodies the College’s mission to enrich the lives of others by transforming their future through a quality education.

Varela’s story began as a trailing spouse trying to find his path to success. His new journey began once him and his wife traded places staying at home with their four children. Knowing he was not ready for a large university, Varela started schooling at the fourth street campus in 1994. 

“I was lost and really didn’t know where I should start,” Varela said.  

In 1996, he graduated with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies.

He was the first president of Phi Theta Kappa and the commencement speaker for his graduation.

Varela made a promise after he graduated from CCC that he would give back to the community.

In 1998, Varela started Flagstaff Lock and Security and sold it after 12 years. When asked how his success was possible, he stated, “CCC gave me the courage to start my own business.” The institution was instrumental in giving him a path to find a profession he enjoyed.

While at CCC, Varela realized a special bond that an institution like CCC has to a community. The availability of the instructors and the way in which they provide for the students creates an everlasting relationship with all of who attend, he said.

“CCC taught me that no matter what level you start at, you can succeed,” Varela said.

During his time at the institution, he was encouraged by several of his teachers who made an everlasting impact on his life.

In January 2016, Varela started another local locksmith business named Victor and Sons’ Locksmith. His sons Joseph and Gabriel work beside him to carry out the promise to give back to his community that he once made years ago.

His years at CCC gave him the confidence that uplifted him to reach success as an employer that he did not think was possible.

 “CCC opened up a whole new world for me,” he stated.  “It gave me a vision that I may have never known.”

Varela continues to give back to the community and his currently campaigning for a position the Flagstaff City Council.

For a video of Varela's experience, visit the CCC YouTube page here.


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