CCC gives helping hand to veterans


 Tom Stinde, U.S. Marine Corps veteran and VA student worker, is one of many veterans in the CCC community who have received guidance from CCC Veteran Services.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - CCC Veteran Services has been an immense help in U.S. Marine Corps veteran Tom Stinde’s return to school. 

“CCC’s Veteran Services not only helped me realize the benefits I can receive for serving my country, but they have also helped guide me and keep me on track in my schooling after 25 years,” Stinde said.

The CCC Veteran Center helps more than 200 students like Stinde each year for the Fall, Spring and Summer sessions. Among these students are active and retired members of all military branches and the reserves. The services also tend to family members of those killed in the line of duty.

Veteran Services works closely with the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to make sure that all of the veterans are accessing the help that they are allowed and to ensure that the veterans certify the classes they enroll in with the VA.

CCC Financial Aid and Veteran Advisor Charlie Hausam stated that the Veterans Center strives to help guide and monitor the veterans’ progress as they go through courses here at CCC.

“All of the veterans come from different backgrounds and have unique stories," Hausam said. Like other students, the veterans have various ways in which they learn and sometimes endure struggle as they enter back into life as every day citizens.

Being the wife of a veteran, Hausam wants to make every veteran’s transition back into college as easy as possible. “I leave my door open in order for the veterans’ to come in and talk about whatever they’d like, whether it be about their class schedule or even a problem that is causing a rift in their transition through college.

“Our goal is to make sure that our veterans have support they need in their education and training as they get back into the workforce”, Hausam said.

The CCC Veteran Center also hires on student veterans to help run Veteran Services and give back to the veteran community on a personal level.

Strinde, who currently works as a student veteran advisor said, “It’s great that I get to give back to the veteran community and get a connection with those from similar back stories as you.”

In May 2016, 12 veterans became college graduates along with eight more the year before.

Stinde is expected to graduate in the fall and wants to continue on to NAU and start his schooling for nursing. Being a veteran who suffers from PTSD, he hopes to one-day work at a VA as a mental health nurse to continue to give back to the veteran community.

Like Stinde, several veterans have gone on to NAU to take classes in their chosen fields. CCC2NAU has become a popular program with veterans and has acted as another guide to keep their schooling on track as they continue their journeys back into the workforce.

“It makes me proud watching them graduate”, said Hausam with a smile on her face. “Just to see the veterans’ smiles and how proud their families are is the reason why I love doing this job.”  

CCC leadership hopes to expand the educational opportunities and the resources offered in order to help guide veterans like Stinde back into the workforce for years to come.


Tuesday, 14th June 2016

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