Flagstaff business is 'Apple' of CCC grad's eye


CCC graduate Drake Louks stands outside his Apple-certified store, Arizona Tech Advisors, in Flagstaff. For a video of Louks' experience, visit the CCC YouTube page here.


Flagstaff, Ariz. - Cracked screens, blinking lights and iPhones fill the room as you enter a door labeled “Apple Certified Technicians Only.”

In that room you will find Coconino Community College graduate Drake Louks fixing technology that has transformed as much as CCC since the College opened its doors nearly 25 years ago.

Louks’ relationship with CCC began as a high school student going through the CAVIAT program at CCC from 2009-2010, which left a boundless impact on him as he entered the workforce.

“The CAVIAT program is an immense benefit because it allows high school students to begin the education for their professional careers even before graduating,” Louks said.

Although Louks graduated from CCC with an Associate’s Degree in Administration of Justice in 2011, it was the advancement of technology and its transformation that set off a creative spark in him.

In November 2014, Louks started his own technological repair company, Arizona Tech Advisors, down in Phoenix. It began as a side-job while he worked another full-time job; however, the business transformed as swiftly as the technology he repaired.

In February 2015, Louks moved his business to Flagstaff, making his shop the only Apple Certified Service Company in the community.

When asked how he became interested in technology repair, he said, “I was not always interested in Information Technology Systems as a whole, but CCC sparked an interest in what was once a side-job into a full-time profession.”  

Louks said he credits CCC for much of his interest in technology due to the college’s dynamic use of technology in the education of its students.

“It was the dual-boot computer lab that CCC has that made me even more interested in technology,” Louks said. “The fact that they ran both Windows and Apple caused me to like Apple Software more as well.”

Not only was his interest in technology bolstered at CCC, but he also developed a timeless bond with the community and staff. Louks said he recalls several instructors who helped him become the businessman he is today and navigate his way to become CEO of his own company.

When asked about the impact instructors had on him, Louks said, “Public Safety Instructor David Ramos always told me to stick with what I want and what I like best.”

Louks said he considers those words by Ramos as a driving force in following his passion for technology. Louks even found guidance in business law from former instructor and former City of Flagstaff Mayor Sara Presler when he brought his business to the community.

“I would recommend anyone who is interested in furthering their education to attend CCC,” Louks said. “From the small classes and their partnership with NAU through the CCC2NAU program, they truly help students ease into college life.”

As technology advances with the times, CCC will also as the College staff and faculty members help guide students to pursue careers and create their own successes like they did for Louks. 

For a video of Louks' experience, visit the CCC YouTube page here.


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