White Works to Shed Light on Arizona Education

CCC District Governing Board member, Nat White, has been appointed to the oversight committee for the Arizona Productivity Improvement Imperative (APII) grant. The Lumina Foundation awarded Arizona with a grant in November of 2009, making a multi-year investment in an effort to deliver higher education in new ways and at lower expense to students and taxpayers. The 1.5 million APII grant (phase II of the Making Opportunities Affordable Initiative) intends to create a new student-level funding model that rewards student progress and degree completion. The state will also will expand its range of “no frills” options for bachelor’s degrees that meet local needs.


The oversight committee will direct a redesign agenda based on the following five key elements: (1) creating four new institutional structures to produce more baccalaureate degrees at a lower cost (New Institutional Structures); (2) creating a student-centered system that improves advising and career planning (Student-Centered Advising & Career Planning); (3) building a completely new higher education funding model that will maximize predictability, productivity, and sustainability (Higher Education Finance Model); (4) planning for an improved coordination/governance system so as to optimize accessibility, affordability, quality and accountability (Governance & Coordination); and, (5) developing a communication and public engagement program that raises awareness levels and identifies bold actions to achieve Arizona’s goals (Strategic Engagement & Communication.) Dr. White said, “I am truly excited about the multi-year grant, saying that the study has the potential to positively affect higher education in Arizona for many years to come.” For more information on the Lumina Foundation, go on line to www.luminafoundation.org.

Tuesday, 9th March 2010

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  • Tuesday, 9th March 2010