Community's help brings CCC student's dream closer to reality


Andrew Hatch received a scholarship from the Pinewood Property Owners Association to attend CCC.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- The small community of Munds Park has taken the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” to heart.

Coconino Community College first-year student Andrew Hatch received a scholarship from the Pinewood Property Owners Association to attend college.

“It’s the first step to my dream,” Andrew said. “I won’t have to worry about money and I can work on academics. It makes the financial burden so much less.”

The scholarship pays $1,500 a semester for a year, and it can be renewed for a second year if Hatch maintains a 3.5 grade-point average. The potential $6,000 means that Hatch could have his entire first two years of college covered.

“I’ll just have books and a parking pass to pay for,” Andrew said and smiled. “I’m definitely very fortunate.”

The scholarship is community based. Only residents who are active in the Munds Park community can apply. Andrew said that he worked at the restaurant and volunteered as a trail steward for the trail systems in the community.

Although it’s Andrew’s first year as a college student, he won’t be arriving empty handed. He took college courses while in high school through the CAVIAT program, and he already has acquired 20 college credits.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Andrew’s mother, Sue. “We’re really pleased. It just takes a huge burden from him worrying about it.”

Sue said she, husband David and Andrew have lived in Munds Park for the last 10 years as owners of Pinewoodys Pizza & Grill, which they recently sold.

“So Andrew was pretty much raised in the community,” she said, adding that as a result, he received a lot of benefit from being in the environment. The scholarship demonstrates how the community has put their support and faith in Andrew.

“I’m just really proud of him,” Sue said. “He worked hard to keep his academics up, and it shows he’s committed to the pursuit of education. That kind of support from the community, it means a lot to our family that he gets to pursue his goals and dreams.”

While at CCC, Andrew said he’s going to work toward an associate’s degree in General Science. He’s already been accepted into the CCC2NAU program and plans on transitioning to NAU after he’s completed his two years at CCC.

“I’m really interested in environmental sciences,” Andrew said.

He added that he wants to get a feel for it while he’s at CCC to see if he will like it. Engineering is also an interest to him.

Sue said that the Pinewood Property Owners Association has been supporting young people in the community to attend college for many years.

“In the years we’ve been in Munds Park and had the business, we’ve had several students work for us who were awarded this scholarship,” Sue said. “A lot of us, if we didn’t have that support, it would be a lot harder for us.”

Sue also said that she enjoys seeing her son’s developing interests.

“His world is opening up,” she said.

When Andrew was invited to the PPOA’s annual meeting to speak, he said it was important for him to show his appreciation.

“So I thanked the whole community and everybody in it,” Andrew said. “I am grateful.”


Wednesday, 17th August 2016

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