CCC Foundation funds project to benefit Page students

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- The improvements will take place at the Flagstaff Lone Tree Campus, but they will benefit the student experience in Page. Multiple student complaints about audio cutting out on the live televised broadcasts from Flagstaff to Page when instructors walked around lecturing led to a solution; state-of-the art microphones that pick up the instructors voice clearly no matter how much they move while lecturing.

The Director of the Page Instructional Site, Jim Hunter and the Information Technology department at the College made the request to the Coconino Community College Foundation to solve the problem sooner rather than waiting for the next budget cycle.

The Director of Institutional Advancement Executive Director Scott Talboom said, “The CCC Foundation Board reviewed the request and approved it unanimously, knowing that it was a reasonable request that would have a large impact on our Page students. The funds used were also raised by the people of Page through payroll deduction at the Navajo Generating Station, individual contributions and contributions from small businesses and through various events held in Page over the past few years. The funds used were not restricted to scholarships and can be used for special projects that specifically benefit Page students.”

The equipment will be installed by the start of the Spring semester, January 2017. Hunter said, “We are thrilled that we will be able to enhance the student experience through the generosity of our community.”

The mission of the Foundation is to promote the purpose and goals of Coconino Community College (CCC) and to enhance the opportunities for Coconino County residents.

About the CCC Foundation

‚ÄčThe Coconino County Community College Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1993 under Arizona law as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. It is fiscally and organizationally separate from the College with its own Board of Directors. Its purpose is to receive private gifts, bequests and donations; to account for, manage and help appreciate monies or property submitted to the Foundation; and to help the College with projects and opportunities which may not be funded by public funds.

Funds for the Foundation are distributed to benefit and advance Coconino Community College and for the encouragement and subsidization of the students and faculty of CCC.

The Foundation Board of Directors comprises of selected residents of Coconino County who represent leadership and community influence and who have expressed an interest and desire to use their influence on behalf of the College through the Foundation.

The Foundation is prepared to support programs and activities of the College which promote the objectives of the institution. This includes, but is not limited to, scholarships and financial aid for students, recognition of outstanding scholarship or leadership, recognition for cost-savings suggestions, development of special facilities, awards for special achievement, management and investment of funds, procurement of special equipment, planning for special college activities and programs, and development of area-wide interest in support of the College.


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