Page High School student gets jump on college with CCC

Date: Friday, 19th November 2021

Page High School student Ryan Thomas will have 32 college credits through CCC by the end of her senior year.



PAGE, Ariz. – She wants to be a surgeon.


To that end, Page resident Ryan Thomas, 18, is doing her best, through Coconino Community College, to get as many college credits out of the way before she ever leaves Page High School.


“I’ve always been focused on helping people and giving back to them,” Thomas said.


High school students in Coconino County have three options if they are interested in receiving college credits. Dual Enrollment students take college-level courses at a significantly reduced cost at their high schools. Concurrent Enrollment students take college-level courses at regular tuition costs at one of CCC’s campuses. Finally, Coconino Association for Vocations, Industry and Technology (CAVIAT) students take college level, vocational-based courses, leading to an industry or CCC certification, at no cost to the student, at one of CCC’s campuses.


Thomas began taking CCC’s Dual Enrollment courses at PHS when she was a junior. Now, as a senior, she takes Concurrent Enrollment courses through CCC online. She will have 32 college credits by the end of the year. Additionally, she’s already received a certificate as a Nursing Assistant after completing 40 hours of clinical work.


“I wanted to be in those higher-level classes,” said Thomas, who is also the Senior Class President at PHS. “I knew I’d be able to do it and my parents encouraged me a lot.”


Choosing CCC, which was close to home, was her choice beyond cost savings to get a head start on college.


“It’s a great opportunity for kids who don’t necessarily want to go to a bigger college,” Thomas said. “They faculty and staff were supportive to help me meet my goals and the credits will transfer.”


After her graduation from PHS in May, she said her next step on the journey will be to choose a college close to home – either Dixie State University or Southern Utah University.


“It’ll be easier,” she said. “Family support will be close.”


Smiling, she added, “It makes my parents feel better, too, that I’m close to home.”


Although she loves the Page area, she wants to explore and travel a bit after high school.


“But this town is a great town,” Thomas said. “And I feel I’ll make my way back here eventually.”


She’s currently interested in being a pediatric surgeon because she loves children.


“But once I get into that world … that’s when I’ll really decide what my path is,” she said.


For more information about Dual Enrollment, CAVIAT and Concurrent Enrollment, visit .




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