CCC students in Page can still receive associate degree without leaving Page

PAGE, Ariz. -- When Coconino Community College announced it would be moving from a campus to an instructional site, many thought it was the end of higher education in Page.

Page Instructional Site Director Jim Hunter emphasizes that it is not the case.

"Higher education is alive and well in Page, but it will look different," Hunter said.

Instead of eight full-time people there will be two full-time employees and one part-time employee. Hunter stressed that Page learners can still earn an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies (AAGS) or an Arizona General Education Curriculum Certificate without ever leaving Page.

"The main difference between an instructional site and a campus is that according to the Higher Learning Commission, the governing body that grants accreditation to Colleges, that in order to be called a campus the Page Instructional site would have to have full-time instructors delivering instruction," Hunter said.

Although there will not be full-time faculty on staff in Page, learners will still be able to earn the same credits through three different instructional methods, such as traditional in class lectures delivered by part-time instructors, on-line classes and Interactive television classes where students will be able to watch lectures live on a television screen at the Page site. ITV classes will be delivered by full and part-time instructors in Flagstaff. CCC remains committed to improving technology, including ITV classes with clearer picture and sound, Hunter said.

The Associate of Arts degree in General Studies is designed for students who either have undeclared majors or who are developing a general or liberal studies emphasis. The Coconino Community College AGEC Curriculum in arts (A) Certificate is the core of the general studies degree and is comprised of a minimum of 35 credits. The other 25 credits required must be completed by taking other CCC general education core curriculum courses.

Students completing the AGEC 35 credit certificate or the 60-64 credit Associate of General Studies degree can transfer credits to any of Arizona's three public universities: Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University or the University of Arizona. Students planning to transfer to a university other than ASU, NAU or U of A should see an advisor.

It is important to note that one of the full-time positions remaining in Page is a full-time advisor, so students can make an appointment in Page to discuss their path with an advisor. Page students also have the option of meeting with advisors in Flagstaff.

"The combination of continued state cuts to community colleges and a failed property tax override attempt has forced us re-evaluate how we serve our county," said Page District Governing Board member Lloyd Hammonds. "Coconino Community College has had to operate on a lean budget since its inception, first adopting an award-winning Financial Sustainability Plan in 2008, and now the Financial Austerity Plan. I am confident that through the use of technology and the commitment of our staff, faculty and the District Governing Board, we can still have a positive impact on the citizens of Coconino County."

Wednesday, 11th June 2014

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