The Marketing, Public Relations and Publications Department is a division of Institutional Advancement and is responsible for generating publicity and disseminating news and information to the college community, the media and the residents of Coconino County. Additional responsibilities include, promoting campus events, achievements of faculty, staff, students and board members as well as other items of general interest.

  • The Marketing Department is responsible for all paid promotions and advertising content. All available resources including Public Relations are used to communicate to the various target audiences in Coconino County.  Recruiting students and creating a favorable impression of the college are at the core of the Marketing Department.

  • The Public Relations Department responds to important issues and works with college leadership to create messaging that is consistent with the vision, mission and core values of the college. All news releases to the media and monthly newsletters are the sole responsibility of the Office of Public Relations.

  • The Publications Department is responsible for all printed materials including the schedule of classes, the career guide, and all materials designed specifically to promote the college throughout Coconino County. Additionally, all content on the college’s Website is managed by the Office of Publications communicating a consistent message to the world.  

For information, questions or comments please contact Scott Talboom with the Office of Institutional Advancement at 928-226-4335 or contact Scott through his contact page.

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