Institutional Research Special Reports and Analyses


Enrollment Behavior Flow Chart of Full-Time Degree/Certificate Seeking Students Enteriing CCC in Fall 2005 Tracked Over the Next Four Years, August 2010.

Academic Persistence and Success of Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University Students, Academic Years 1998-2007 by Eva Hatchner, GeoDriven, LLC, May 2008.  (The Enrollment Behavior Flow Chart depicts students in a swirl of college attendance followed by periods of non- attendance, followed by some re-enrolling. Of the 271 students entering CCC in fall 2005, nearly 30% did not persist to the subsequent spring semester.  After one year, 38% of these students were still enrolled in good standing at CCC, 1% graduated, 10% were on academic probation, and 51% were no longer enrolled.  A relatively high stop out pattern is seen among those persisting in subsequent years. As well, a substantive number of students returned to CCC after being away for one or more semesters. Another 2% of the original cohort graduated after the passing of 5 years of time while 4% of the cohort was still enrolled.)


Coconino Community College District Economic Impact Study, April 2008


The Role of Cognitive Development in the Sustainability Curriculum by Steve Chambers, Teaching and Learning Conference, Coconino Community College, August 16-17, 2007


Across the Generations:  Advising Tips for Dealing with Millennials by Mike Opper and Steve Chambers, NACADA Region X 2007 Conference May 14-16, 2007 Phoenix, AZ


Transferring to NAU Can Be Easy: Advice from Former CCC Students, CCC & NAU Transfer Student Survey (2006) by Margot Saltonstall, NAU Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Assessment

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