Associate of Science: General Studies (AS Degree)

Associate of Science: General Studies


This degree is intended for students who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate program into majors requiring rigorous mathematics and mathematics-based science requirements, such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, and other sciences. It provides a foundation of general education, along with courses chosen to help fulfill lower-division baccalaureate requirements.


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 Minimum Credits Required: 60


Degree Information

What courses will I need to take?


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What will I learn?

Coconino Community College offers General Education courses that provide students with the highest quality experience. To that end, we measure the effectiveness of our program using the following student learning outcomes as our guide. Students who complete our General Education program, whether as part of degree program or the AGEC, can expect to acquire or improve their skills in the following areas:
Communication Skills

  • Plan, construct, and present logical, coherent, well-supported arguments with consideration of target audience
  • Communicate clearly and effectively, orally and in writing, at a college-level
  • Demonstrate listening and comprehension skills for effective communications
  • Use appropriate technology for communication and information gathering

Thinking Skills

  • Formulate vital questions and problems in a clear and precise manner
  • Gather, assess, and interpret information within a theoretical framework
  • Develop well-reasoned conclusions and solutions to problems 
  • Recognize and assess the assumptions, implications, and consequences of various theoretical frameworks

Diversity and Global Awareness 

  • Analyze the complexity of humanity and its significance for the individual and for society
  • Describe the interaction between individuals, their culture, and the physical environment
  • Evaluate the continuity of events/issues over time

Ethical and Civil Values

  • Recognize the consequences and significance of one’s actions 
  • Understand social values and the implications of those values 

How will my course placement affect my course sequence?

Placement testing requirements can vary, please select the courses that are most appropriate for your skill level. For additional information view the Course Placement page.


Tracks based on current degree minimum requirements for English and Math.


Track 1:

ENG 095
ENG 099 + RDG 099
ENG 101
ENG 102

Track 2:

ENG 095
RDG 099
ENG 101A  (combines ENG 099 + ENG 101)
ENG 102



MAT 088
MAT 091
MAT 097
MAT 187
MAT 220

Work with an advisor to ensure completion of your pathway in a timely manner.