Fourth Street Campus Information


Coconino Community College, your neighborhood college, is offering a wide array of courses at the Fourth Street Innovation Center this fall.


A new line-up of courses will fill the Fourth Street campus roster to help students working on associate degrees meet many of the General Education criteria, including Composition, Math, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences and so much more.


"We're really proud of the 'community' in our name as a community college," said CCC President Colleen A. Smith, PhD. "Our number one priority right now is to engage with our community and try to meet the needs of learning in different venues. The Fourth Street campus was where CCC began, and it is important to us to strengthen our commitment to the neighborhoods of Flagstaff that welcomed us as a community member 25 years ago."


At the Fourth Street campus, students can: Fast track their way to a degree or certificate; take classes on their schedule (night and weekend courses); find no-hassle transfer courses with smaller class sizes, and where the instructors know the names of their students; brush up on or learn skills; or retool for the next career move.


Highlights include:

  • CCC offers 8-week sessions of ENG 101 and 102 so that students can meet their composition requirements in just one semester
  • CCC offers 8-week sessions of Construction, Economics, Fitness and more
  • Geology lab science
  • Creative writing (nonfiction)
  • Developmental math and English classes


There are nearly 100 classes available, including Automotive Basics, Payroll Accounting, Medical Assistant Essentials, Phlebotomy Procedures, Art Appreciation, Introduction to Woodworking, Solar Greenhouse Design, Basic Electrical Theory, Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter I and II, Introduction to Philosophy, Beginning Spanish, Basic Welding Fabrication, and much more.


To register for classes, visit the Fourth Street Innovation Center at 3000 N. Fourth St., or call 928-526-7600, or visit our class schedule page.