Faculty Senate

The CCC Faculty Senate advocates for academic leadership, faculty voice, and fairness and equity in college decision making processes. Our goals are to contribute to the quality of academics, to enhance opportunities for student success, to solidify transparent shared governance and to improve communication and understanding in the college community.


Below you will find links to the constitution and charter of the Faculty Senate as well as a link to an agenda item request form. Anyone can complete an agenda item request form. Faculty Senate will review requests to determine if the issue is relevant to its purposes. If so, we will include the issue on the agenda for discussion and research. Faculty Senate may forward agenda request items that do not fit this criterion to another section of the college. The Faculty Senate Intranet site archives all agenda item request forms and any additional forms generated from an agenda item.


For more information on meetings please visit our  myCoconino page (employees only) .


 Faculty Senate Agenda Item Request Form


Current Members


Sarah Benton
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English, Languages and Communications Representative

Vice President

Doug Friedman
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Physical & Biological Sciences Representative


Cheryl Meilbeck
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Math Department Representative

Arts & Humanities Representative

Aaron Rizzieri
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Career & Technical Education Representative

Sarah Rencher
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Nursing & Allied Health Representative

James Clark
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Part-Time Faculty Representative

Jeffery Roth
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Part-Time Faculty Representative

Christine Clark Friedman
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Date Originated:

May 2015 (Updated May 2019)


Committees Reporting to Faculty Senate:

Curriculum Committee, General Education Committee, Online Instruction Committee, Teaching and Learning Development Committee


Titles of Members/Term Limits:

The Senate will be composed of ten Senators, consisting of seven Full- Time Faculty, one from each of the following areas: Arts & Humanities, CTE, English & Languages, Mathematics, Nursing & Public Health, Physical & Biological Sciences and Social & Behavioral Sciences, and three Part-Time Faculty, with a goal of a minimum of one from each division. In the event that there are insufficient faculty nominations to fill all seats, the unfilled seat(s) shall remain vacant.

No term limits.



There shall be three designated officers, a President, Vice-President, and Secretary.



To enhance organization, communication, and shared governance of the decisions affecting Academics and faculty, to coordinate activities and communication among Academic Affairs-sponsored committees, and to promote faculty representation within college-wide groups and committees.


Executive Leadership Council Sponsor:



Frequency of Meetings:

Meet at least monthly during the Academic year and convene during the summer as needed.


Communication/Information Dissemination Vehicle:

Action and/or discussion agenda items, when in compliance with college policy Dissemination: and procedures, may be requested from any current employee or student via an electronic submittal form or in-person at least two weeks prior to meetings. Recommendations and any dissenting opinions will be made available electronically to college employees.