NOTICE: Course descriptions reflected on this page are for Fall 2020, if you are looking for course information for a prior semester please view our 2019-2020 Catalog

Economics (ECN)

ECN 204 (3)

sun logoECN 2201   

Macroeconomic Principles

Basic principles of macroeconomics designed to acquaint the student with workings of the national economy: market economy, national income accounting, fiscal and monetary policy, and the Federal Reserve System. General Education: Social and Behavioral Sciences. Three lecture.


ECN 205 (3)

sun logo ECN 2202

Microeconomic Principles 

Microeconomic topics of market structures, elasticity, price and output determination, and general equilibrium. General Education: Social and Behavioral Sciences. Three lecture.


ECN 198/298 (1–6)

Special Topics

Designed to meet the needs of an individual(s) who has an interest in pursuing an original topic in an instructional area under faculty supervision. One to six variable credit hours. 


*Course has additional pre or co requisite(s)