This procedure was established to comply with the ADA/Section 504 mandate to “provide for prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging any action that would be prohibited.”


If a student does not agree with a recommended accommodation, or has been denied accommodation(s), the student may file a complaint through the Disability Resources Complaint Process. An individual needing accommodation(s) to participate in this complaint process should contact the Director of Human Resources (504/ADA Compliance Officer) for assistance.


A faculty or a staff member who does not agree with an accommodation recommendation for a student should contact the Disability Resources Coordinator immediately. A faculty or staff member may also utilize the complaint process. A faculty or staff-initiated complaint cannot delay the implementation of an accommodation which Disability Resources believes to be in compliance with ADA.

1. The following steps have been outlined to address complaints or grievances:

  1. If informal discussions with College personnel have not resolved the issue, the individual shall submit a written or recorded complaint to the Director of Student Services or his/her designee, within ten working days of the event(s) that triggered the complaint.
  2. The Director of Student Services or his/her designee shall meet with the individual within ten working days of the receipt of the complaint.
  3. If this meeting does not resolve the complaint, the Director of Student Services, or his/her designee, will forward the written complaint, within three working days of the meeting, to the Director of Human Resources (504/ADA Compliance Officer).
  4. Within ten working days of receiving the official complaint, the Director of Human Resources (504/ADA Compliance Officer), or his/her designee, will appoint an ad hoc committee to investigate the complaint. This committee will be chaired by the Human Resources Director or his/her designee. The investigation will proceed promptly.
  5. Within five working days following the conclusion of the investigation, the chair of the ad hoc committee will provide its recommendation to the College President.
  6. Within fifteen working days of the receipt of the recommendations from the committee, the College President will make a decision regarding the complaint and provide a written notice of the decision to all parties involved.
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