Students enrolled in the Summer Session may be eligible for a Pell Grant or Direct Student Loan.  Financial aid for eligible students is awarded and disbursed based on the start date of each class and number of credits they are enrolled in that apply to the student's degree or certificate for each summer session.

  • Students must enroll in summer course(s) to be considered for financial aid  
  • CCC automatically awards summer financial aid to eligible students
  • Students may view their summer financial aid awards by logging in to MyCCC
  • CCC will send an email to the student informing them that they have been awarded
  • A hold will be placed on eligible student’s summer classes by CCC Financial Aid
  • Students not enrolled in summer will not be awarded


Pell Grants in Summer:

  • Students who have been funded for two full-time semesters (12+ hours) may only be eligible to receive Pell if their enrollment is 6 or more credit hours for summer.
  • All other Pell-eligible students may receive Pell if their enrollment is 1 or more credit hours for summer. 


Student Loans in Summer:

  • Students who received a Direct Student Loan in the fall or spring semesters and have remaining student loan eligibility will be offered the remaining amount of their student loan eligibility in their MyCCC account for the Summer semester. 
  • Students must accept the student loan in their MyCCC account to hold classes and receive funds.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least six credit hours that are required for their degree or certificate.
  • Students must have a Loan Request Form submitted to CCC Financial Aid, and ensure that their entrance counseling and master promissory note are completed on, under "Complete Aid Process". 
  • Summer loans are split into two disbursements as required by law. The first disbursement takes place at the beginning of summer and the second disbursement takes place at the midpoint of your summer semester. For more details visit our frequently asked questions or the Financial Aid Calendar.


Financial Aid Disbursement in Summer:

Financial aid is awarded and disbursed based on the start date of each class and the number of credits that you have enrolled in that apply to your degree/certificate for each summer session. If you drop classes after we process your financial aid, we are required to reduce your financial aid and you will owe money back. Students eligible for Pell Grants or Student Loans in excess of tuition/fees will receive a book voucher at the CCC Bookstore. The book voucher will be emailed to the CCC student email by the end of May to eligible students. No other financial aid will be disbursed until June 13, 2023.

Students enrolling in Summer who have not been awarded financial aid must sign up for the Payment Plan or pay in full.  Students who do not choose one of these options will be dropped for non-payment from all classes. If you are dropped from your classes and wish to re-enroll, it is recommended you only enroll in the classes you are able to pay for at the time you re-enroll as full payment is required at the time of registration.


Summer Important Dates:

  • Bookstore Vouchers will be available from May 22, 2023, through June 12, 2023, at 5:00 pm. Eligible students will receive an email with their specific information beginning May 22, 2023.
  • The first disbursement for financial aid eligible students enrolled in Summer Session I is June 13, 2023.
  • Students who drop or withdraw from classes after financial aid has been disbursed are required to have their aid adjusted and may owe money back to CCC and/or to the Department of Education. 
  • Students who enroll in additional summer classes (including summer session II classes) after June 20, 2023, will not be funded for the additional class(es). Go to the Pell Recalculation Date for more specific information.
  • Loans and Pell Grants will be disbursed after class attendance and participation have been verified by instructors during the first two weeks of classes. If there is a question as to attendance in any class(es), financial aid will be not disbursed.