Dear Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff:


The Office of Student Financial Aid and Veterans Services is here to help students make the best decisions for funding their education. Financial Aid comes in many forms, including scholarships, waivers, grants, loans and work-study.


Our mission is: To provide consistent and equitable financial aid services in support of student success. We support the mission, vision and values of Coconino Community College.


As financial aid administrators, we learn and follow a series of complex federal and state regulations and ensure that our actions follow law and model strong ethical standards. As a staff, the Coconino Community College Office of Student Financial Aid has read and adopted the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles and the Arizona Student Loan Code of Conduct which are linked below.  We have also read and understand the CCC conflict of interest policy, code of conduct and core values also found linked below.


In ensuring integrity of our financial aid programs, our office regularly discusses ethical issues facing our profession. We minimally review our Code of Conduct and ethics on an annual basis. New staff are oriented to appropriate ethical practices in financial aid. Staff members in our office who are knowingly related to CCC students are prohibited from awarding financial aid to their relatives and are instructed to allow other staff to manage the awarding of aid.


CCC Financial aid staff do not steer students to private loans or lenders and we recommend students apply for federal financial aid first using the FAFSA


Federal Student Aid is to be used for education related expenses. For more information please visit the Federal Student Aid page. CCC Financial Aid employees are prohibited from entering into revenue-sharing arrangements with lenders, guaranty agencies, or loan servicers and from receiving gifts of greater than a nominal value from them. We are prohibited from being contract agents/ consultants for lenders and from receiving staffing assistance from lenders. We also do not participate in loan advisory boards for compensation. More details on our Code of Conduct are listed in the links below.


Our office takes financial aid fraud and abuse seriously. Students attempting to falsify information on the FAFSA or misreprenting factors to our office that impact financial aid eligibility are reported to the Office of Inspector General.  Financial aid is intended for those in need of it based on their economic circumstances, and we take steps to ensure the integrity of our programs are not jeopardized. We have a fraud prevention in place to detect abuses of financial aid and work with the Office of Inspector General to preserve the integrity of financial aid programs. Falsifying information on the FAFSA or submitting purposefully false information to our office can result in significant fines and imprisonment.


picture of Bob Voytek, Director of Student Financial Aid & Veterans Services

I hope that you find your experience with CCC and the Office of Student Financial Aid to be a positive one. I am available to hear your comments, concerns and compliments. Please feel free to contact me at 928-226-4219 or at


Bob Voytek, Director





Code of Conduct and Ethics specific to the CCC Office of Student Financial Aid

Disclosure of CCC involvement with other financial aid entities

Conflict of Interest (Policy) and Conflict of Interest (Procedure)

CCC Core Values

Arizona Student Loan Code of Conduct

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