Comet Talks

Comet Talks Logo Ever wonder how computers became reality? Or, what about the life cycle of microbes in your compost? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain?

The answers to these questions and others will be answered during Coconino Community College’s continuing series of free Comet Talks (formerly Ed Talks), at CCC on the second week of each month, beginning at 6 p.m. The talks are part of CCC’s ongoing effort to assist community members interested in continued learning.

CCC Comet Talks are currently presented via Zoom webinars

Upcoming Comet Talks

All Comet Talks are free and open to the public. Please register by clicking below!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 3:00pm | Doing Our Part: Maintenance of Northern Arizona Ecosystems, presented by Ken Hyde

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 3:00pm | The Art of Science: Behind the Scenes of Parched: The Art of Water in the Southwest

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020, 6:00pm | Preserve and Protect: Archeology's Role in National Parks

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Past Talks

10/06/20 Understanding Homelessness: A Community Lecture, Presented by Ross Altenbaugh

9/01/20 Worst Case: Wilderness Survival in Northern Arizona, presented by Shawn Nittman

3/10/20 How Far: Myths and Facts of our Night Sky with Nat White

2/25/20 Distinctive Archaeology of the Colorado Plateau with Dudley Gardner

2/10/20 Close Encounters of the Animal Kind, an ASL-friendly talk with Alan Cartwright

2/04/20 Health and Wellness in the New Year with EVOLVE Flagstaff 

12/09/19 -  Holiday Health: Cultivate Wholeness Through Self-Care, Presented by Kate Carey

12/04/19 - Navajo Mountain Treks- A Photo Journal, Presented by George Hardeen

1/12/19 -  Cultural Appropriation:  A Conversation About Ownership and Appreciation, Presented by Samantha Honanie

11/12/19 -  A Look Back at the Navajo Generating Station, Presented by NGS Employees

10/22/19 - Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad: The People Who Built It, Presented by Dudley Gardner

10/18/19 - Flagstaff Consulado Movil Mexicano (Flagstaff Mobile Mexican Consulate), Presented by The Honorable Jorge Mendoza Yescas

10/18/19 - Defying Stereotypes: My Journey in Engineering, Presented by Genevieve Bennally

09/09/19 -  American Political Tribalism, Presented by Dr. Matthew J. Hernando

06/10/19 -  Never Thought You Could Do Comedy?, Presented by Joe Maniglia

05/01/19 -  Rock Around Around The Pacific Rim, Presented by Dr. Dudley Gardner

04/16/19 -  Archaeology in New Zealand: "A Look at Prehistoric/Historic Sites", Presented by Dr. Dudley Gardner

04/12/19 -  Consulado Movil Mexicano, Presented in Spanish

04/08/19 -  Flagstaff Economic Vitality Division Update, Presented by Trace Ward, Heidi Hansen, Dave McIntire, Barney Helmick & Gail Jackson

03/11/19 -  The Great Family Secret: "Harry Houdini", Presented by George Hardeen

03/11/19 -  The American Civil War: "The Stonewall Jackson Story", Presented by Scott Walmer

02/14/19 -  Volcano Date Night, Presented by Kurt Yuengling

01/14/19 -  After the Navy: A Story of Homecoming, Presented by Kevin Scholler

12/10/18 -  The Great Santa Claus Bank Robbery, Presented by Billy Smith

11/14/18 -  Tribe and the Failure to Bring Our Veterans Home, Presented by Joe Bulls and Aaron Rizzieri

10/26/18 -  Consulado Movil Mexicano, Presented by representatives from the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix

10/08/18 -  Fourth Street Connection to the Moon Missions, Presented by Kevin Schindler -  Video

09/10/18 -  Symbolism of El Camino de Santiago, Presented by Larry Hendricks & Trevor Welker

08/13/18 -  Mushroom Mania, Presented by Rachel Edelstein -  Video

07/16/18 -  Computers Through the Centuries, Presented by Dr. Gonzalo Perez

07/09/18 -  Meet the Bugs In Your Compost, Presented by Melinda McKinney -  Video

06/11/18 -  Voice, Fingerprints, and Eye Scans, Presented by Dr. Gonzalo Perez

06/07/18 -  The American Civil War, Presented by Scott Walmer

05/14/18 -  Todos Unidos, Presented by Breanna Velasco -  Video

04/09/18 -  Fiji: Paradise of Many Cultures, Presented by Lisa Doskocil -  Video

03/29/18 -  The Pony Express, Presented by David Ramos -  Video

03/12/18 -  Diné Stories, Presented by Derik Yellowhair