NOTICE: Course descriptions reflected on this page are for Fall 2020, if you are looking for course information for a prior semester please view our 2019-2020 Catalog

Business (BUS)

BUS 100 (3)

Mathematics of Business 

Mathematical concepts and procedures involved in financial transactions. Includes percentages, liabilities, insurance, investments, assets, amortization, proration, taxes, and banking as it pertains to business. Prerequisite: *MAT 091 or placement beyond prerequisite course. Three lecture.

Spring, Fall.


BUS 101 (1)

Personal Money Management

Introduction to spending money wisely, saving money, personal budgeting, applying for financial aid, understanding your credit score, how to interpret your paycheck, basic investing, and protecting yourself from identify theft.  This class is a lecture format with interaction in a computer lab. One lecture.  May be taken for S/U credit with instructor approval.


BUS 105 (3)

Basic Investments 

Study of inflation, taxation, government securities, stocks and bonds, real estate, and retirement plans. Three lecture.


BUS 111 (3)

Business English 

Effective listening, responding, reading, and writing with emphasis on using these skills in the work place, from job application and interview to on-the-job oral and written communications. Prerequisite: *ENG 100 or placement beyond prerequisite course. Three lecture.


BUS 204 (3)

Business Communications 

Solving business problems through effective oral and written communications. Letter forms and methods of writing business letters. Creating functional letters related to inquiry, response, good will, sales, credit, and adjustment and collection. Pre/Co-requisite: *ENG 102.  General Education: Options. Special Requirement: Intensive Writing/Critical Inquiry. Three lecture.


BUS 206 (3)

Principles of Management 

Fundamentals of management including the management principles and techniques used for business objectives, structure, operational procedures, and control procedures. Principles and techniques discussed may be applied to any area of business and industry. Three lecture.


BUS 207 (3)

Principles of Marketing 

Environment of marketing including analysis of various marketing activities and discussion of the economic, psychological and sociological factors which influence marketing activities. Three lecture.


BUS 211 (3)

Human Resources/Personnel Management 

Human resources planning and its application to the organization’s goals and objectives. Human resources policies, job analysis, employee selection, training, performance evaluation, benefits, compensation, labor relations, morale, safety, and termination. Three lecture.


BUS 213 (3)

Small Business Management 

Students will learn the fundamentals of starting and operating a successful business.  Studies will include business objectives, operational procedures, financing, legal organizations, feasibility studies, and marketing.  Three lecture.


BUS 214 (3)

Legal, Ethical & Regulatory Issues in Business 

Legal theories, ethical issues, and regulatory climate affecting business policies and decision.   Prerequisite: *ENG 101 or Consent of Instructor. General Education:Social and Behavioral Sciences. Three lecture.


BUS 216 (3)

Principles of Business Finance 

Principles of financial management as applied to the operations of non-financial business and industry firms. Application of financial analysis tools and techniques needed for the process of business and industry financial administration and decision making, goals and functions of financial management, analysis and planning, working capital management, capital budgeting, and the cost of capital risk. Three lecture. 


BUS 232 (3)

sun logo BUS 2201

Business Statistics & Analysis 

Business statistics involves statistical tools and techniques used in applications.  Includes collection of data, graphical and descriptive statistics, probability and probability distributions, point and interval estimates of population parameters, hypothesis testing, and correlation and regression. Prerequisite: *Any college level math or placement. General Education: Options. Three lecture.


BUS 289 (1–6)

Business Internship

Designed for students who are looking for paid or voluntary, practical application  of applied business principles.  Agreed upon internship will have a direct link to responsibilities regarding the business aspects of management, finance, customer service, or marketing. Credit hours will be negotiated based on the successful completion of a course contract.  Each credit hour requires the completion of a minimum of 45 hours of related  work as indicated by the course contract. Prior experience or course work in the area of interest is required.  One to six variable credit hours.  May be taken for S/U credit.


BUS 298 (1)

Navigating from Job Search to Accepting a Job Offer

Introduction to fundamental ideas pertaining to how to effectively search for a job, create and deliver written application materials, and interview preparation and practice. Students will learn and analyze their professional strengths and weaknesses as they apply to a particular position description, learn basics of professional etiquette, and interact with others. One lecture.


BUS 198/298 (1-6)

Special Topics

Designed to meet the needs of an individual(s) who has an interest in pursuing an original topic in an instructional area under faculty supervision.


*Course has additional pre or co requisite(s)