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Welcome to CCC Student Development

Home of Academic Advising at Coconino Community College

Please follow the steps below for advisement.


Step 1. Prepare for Advisement

To make the most of your advising visit, please make sure you have done the following:  
  • Applied for Admission if you’ve never attended (allow 48 hours to receive ID# number and student log in).
  • Gathered hard copies of unofficial transcripts (transfer students), including ACT/SAT scores or CCC placement scores. These are needed to determine the courses you are eligible to take. 
  • Have financial aid or have payment ready if planning to add classes after your appointment.  
  • All advising visits require Photo ID, Comet ID, and CCC@ID Number.
  • Read the FAQ’s related to CCC Advising.


Step 2. Determine what type of advising you need. We offer four types:

30 Minute Appointments

Walk-In Advising at the Lone Tree Campus

Via Email

Weekdays with some evenings available. The Lone Tree and Fourth Street Campuses.


Full appointments are for: 

  1. New CCC students or transfer students with an advising hold. This benefits new students the most. Learn about your degree and build your schedule with no rush.
  2. Current students with questions or needs that will take longer than 15 minutes. (Examples: schedule building, career advising, graduation and transfer planning).
  3. CCC2NAU students.
  4. Probation or Suspension students.


Call Student Development reception at 928-226-4323 to schedule an appointment, or log into your MyCCC portal and schedule using Starfish.  View our instructions on how to schedule through Starfish.

First come, first serve, first available advisor. If you wish to see a specific advisor, please schedule an appointment.


Walk-In is specifically for:

Quick advising taking less than 15 minutes. (Examples: basic questions, forms, and referrals).

During heavy walk-in traffic, we may schedule an appointment for you if that is the best fit. We appreciate your help in alleviating wait times during walk-in advising.


Walk – In Hours

Fall Term
Monday - Friday, 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Summer Term
Monday - Thursday, 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm. 

Closed Fridays in summer

Contact advising using the Advising Contact Form. Current students please include your Comet ID. Prospective students may also email us. Include a phone number.

Phone/Zoom (Video Conferencing) Appointment

For students admitted to CCC with access to their MyCCC portal living 60 miles or more from campus. Scheduled on a case by case basis. A reliable connection to a computer is required for phone appointments. Zoom appointments are video conferencing and require you to have access to a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with a good internet connection, camera, and microphone. Enter a request using our Phone/Zoom Advising Request Form. We ask that you respond to our outreach within 48 hours. If we don’t hear back, the request will be cancelled and a new form will need to be submitted.


* Both Email advising and Phone/Zoom appointment responses are on a first-come first serve basis and will take longer during peak times.
Student Development Contact
Phone: 928-226-4323
Fax: 928-226-4103
2800 S. Lone Tree Road
Flagstaff, AZ 86005

Advising Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new student. Why do I have an advising hold?

All brand new students need to see an advisor before the hold is removed. This provides an overview of any transfer work, placement scores, program/degree questions, and student technology like Degree Works. It also provides enough time to set goals, discuss resources and work together to create a class schedule that best fits your needs. Schedule an appointment if this will be your first visit for advising. Call student reception to schedule an appointment with your preferred advisor at 928-226-4323. Also, read our “prepare for advising” section above to make sure you complete your to-do items before your visit.

Who is my advisor?

CCC does not assign specific advisors. However, you can choose to meet with a certain advisor you feel comfortable with once you start scheduling appointments. We have two sets of advisors based on your plan. The first set of advisors are with CCC2NAU, for CCC students participating in their program. The second set of advisors are regular CCC Advisors. Some advisors are only available on certain days. Call student reception to schedule an appointment with your preferred advisor at 928-226-4323

*CCC2NAU does not apply to current NAU students, current NAU students can schedule with the regular CCC advisors.

I don’t have a hold anymore, so why do I need to keep seeing an advisor?

Advising helps you connect to your educational journey, make informed decisions, and feel confident about your major and progress. We find that students who develop a supportive relationship with an advisor do very well at CCC and are able to build skills they will need after they leave CCC. You and your advisor are a team. Advisors are here to support you and provide a personalized connection. In turn, we ask that you do your best to be pro-active, responsible and return our communications if we are concerned about you.

This is my second term. Can my advisor choose all my classes and register me?

No, your advisor will not pick out your classes or enroll you. However, if you make time to contact them, they will offer their input. Using your Degree Works is a big part of understanding your degree requirements. Students should be able to understand their degree requirements and add their own classes by their second term. Schedule an appointment if you are still not sure of how to do this.

How many times do I need to see my advisor?

In the beginning, it is recommended you see your advisor well before the start of each term. Advising frequency is based on your needs. When you get more comfortable and confident in understanding your degree and expectations, you can opt for a quick check in with your advisor through email. But, if you have a lot of questions or need extra support to plan and understand your courses, always schedule an appointment. Another reason for more frequent advising would be to discuss academic difficulty or problems understanding a policy. Visit our advising page to see what advising type fits your needs. Sometimes, coming to walk-in, phone or emailing is all you need.

I’m just taking classes at CCC so I can transfer to NAU. Is there anyone that can help me make sure I am taking what I should be taking?

Yes. If you plan to attend NAU and never attended NAU, then joining the CCC2NAU program is a great option. They offer detailed advising to align with your bachelor’s degree plan at NAU. Familiarize yourself with the program and steps on their site.

*Note that CCC2NAU students must see their CCC2NAU advisors to stay on track and should always schedule an appointment.

What if I don’t want to go to NAU but somewhere else in the state of Arizona?

If you are planning on transferring to ASU, UofA or GCU, then schedule a transfer planning appointment specifically with Sonjia Jones by calling 928-226-4323. You will need to know what major you plan to pursue and what term you are thinking of transferring. Most colleges recommend that you plan a year ahead. Transfer colleges visit CCC each term. CCC also hosts a transfer fair every year.

I’m already a NAU student and I had academic difficulty. I heard I can take classes at CCC and then go back to NAU. What should I do first?

First and foremost, you are responsible for meeting with your NAU advisor within your college and forming a plan ahead of time. This means understanding the NAU policies that apply to your situation, looking up what courses will transfer back to NAU and identifying courses that will help you the most. Please plan ahead. Once you have met your NAU advisor and have this information, you are then ready to schedule your advising appointment at CCC. When you come to your appointment, please be ready with copies of your unofficial transcripts and the NAU advisor’s course recommendations. Please do not use walk in advising for this type of help as it takes considerable time.

Can an advisor help me figure out what major or career is best for me?

We can help you with starting the research but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide once you evaluate what your strengths and interests are. CCC has on-site career services. Choosing a major and or occupation is a process that will take time. If you feel like you need additional help, start with reviewing our list of Degrees and Certificates and write down what sounds interesting to you. Then, visit our Career Services page and schedule an appointment. Don’t be hard on yourself, it takes time for students to choose and that’s okay. Starting a notebook with questions is helpful for the career advisor.

Who can help me with my FAFSA? I know I need to do complete this for financial aid but I’m afraid I might make a mistake

CCC houses two staff members from NAU’s Educational Opportunity Centers. You can meet with them at the Lone Tree Campus or the Fourth street Campus. They have counselors that can assist you with filling out your FAFSA. Call them at the Lone Tree Campus 928-226-4302, or the Fourth Street Campus 928-526-7602 for current availability.

How to Login to myCCC - Your student portal

You can access the myCCC portal through the CCC main webpage: under Quicklinks at the top of the page. Your user ID is your Comet ID, which is made up of a combination of five characters, starting with your first and last initial. The default password is your birthday in this format: MMDDYY. (For example, if your birthday is January 31, 1999, your password would be 013199). If you don't know your Comit ID or have changed your password from the default and need to have it reset, please contact the CCC ITS Help Desk at 928-226-4357.

How to Add and Drop Classes

Log into myCCC. Once you have logged into your myCCC, in the QuickLaunch, click on Registration. Select the Term for which you want to Add/Drop a class and click on Submit.


To Drop a Course, or to Add a course if you know the Course CRN:

  1. Select Register/Add/Drop Classes
  2. To Drop a Class: All classes that you are currently registered to take will be listed under Current Schedule. From the drop-down menu under Action, select the option Web Drop/Delete
  3. To Add a Class: Enter the CRN in the fields at the bottom of the page
  4. Once you have added and dropped the courses you want to change, click Submit Changes


To Add a course if you do not know the Course CRN:

  1. Select Look-Up Classes to Add and select the Term for which you want to Add/Drop a class and click submit
  2. Choose the Subject and click Course Search
  3. Choose the Class by clicking View Sections. If the class you are hoping to add is not listed here, then it is not being offered in the semester you are searching.
  4. Find the section of the course that you would like to add and select the check box next to it on the far left.
  5. Click Register to register for the course.

If you are adding multiple courses at one time, you may click Add to Worksheet instead of Register. From this new page, you can select Class Search to continue searching for and adding courses to the worksheet. Once you have added all the courses you want to register for to the worksheet, you can click Submit Changes and you will be registered in all the courses listed on the worksheet.


A note about Adding Courses: Once you have registered for a course, you are expected to pay your tuition, or to set up a payment plan for tuition, within 24 hours of registration. Students who have not made their necessary tuition payment may be dropped from their classes, per the drop schedule on the Cashier’s page. Students who are automatically dropped from a course for non-payment will receive an email notification of the drop.


A note about Dropping Courses: Students receiving Financial Aid should speak to Financial Aid prior to dropping any course. The change in credit hours may affect your Financial Aid disbursal, or may cause you to owe money back from already disbursed funds.

DegreeWorks - Your Degree Audit Program

What is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is a web-based, degree-auditing and tracking tool that enables students and advisors to evaluate academic progress toward graduation in accordance with college and major requirements outlined in the Academic Catalog. This tool, located in your myCCC, allow students to quickly and easily identify which requirements have been satisfied and which requirements are outstanding for the degree or certificated they have declared.


How DegreeWorks Benefits Students

  • Supports real-time delivery of progress toward degree completion
  • Easily determines which courses have been taken or transferred, which count as electives and requirements, and what's outstanding to complete a degree
  • Online environment reduces paperwork and manual degree checklists
  • Confirms your academic standing
  • "What If" feature shows students how progress toward degree completion changes if they add a minor or change majors.


Here is an easy to use Student Guideto DegreeWorks. 

Enrollment Checklist

Getting started with Coconino Community College is easier than you think.  Please follow the steps below to start your educational journey at Coconino Community College.


  1. Apply for Admission – To apply for admissions to CCC, go to the “Enrollment Steps to Apply Now” to complete the free application and to learn about Proposition 300 requirements for all applicants.
  2. Apply for Financial Aid – If you are interested in applying for state or federal assistance, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at You must list Coconino Community College (school code 031004) as a recipient of the information. NOTE: If you have attended another college or university, you must send official transcripts to CCC.
  3. Register for Placement Testing – This is required of all degree-seeking students in order to enroll in math or English courses and is recommended for modern languages. Students with proof of ACT/SAT scores or previous college work in these subjects are not required to test. You can register by calling 928-226-4323. You will need your Comet ID number and a valid photo ID to take the tests.
  4. Meet with an Academic Advisor – Advisors will assist students with choosing classes and selecting a degree pathway. Walk-in advising is available at Students Services Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. in Fall and Spring, and Monday – Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., in Summer.
  5. Register for Classes – Students can register online through their Web4 account, in-person at the Registration counter, or at an identified computer kiosk.  When registering, you are securing your spot in the courses you want to take in the upcoming semester. Payment (or registration in the payment plan) is due at time of registration.
  6. Review Tutoring Schedule – CCC offers free tutoring for many subjects, including, but not limited to: Accounting, ASL, Economics, English, Math, Science and Spanish. You can find the schedule posted in the Student Services or online on our Tutoring Services Page.
  7. Participate in New Student Orientation – New Student Orientation prepares students for success at CCC by providing necessary training and information about campus programs. Visit the New Student Orientation webpage or speak with Student services Reception at 928-226-4323 for more information.