Adult Education FAQ

For an easily printable version, view the FAQ PDF here.


What is the required orientation?

The orientation program is for new students and must be taken before studying at our Adult Education center in Flagstaff. It is scheduled for 2 mornings or 2 evenings in a single week and is available on a monthly basis, except for June and December. Total length of orientation is 8 hours. Many useful topics will be covered during orientation, some of which include: initial placement testing, personal goal setting, career choice exploration, and learning styles assessment. At the end of orientation, you will choose class times to continue your studies and prepare for the GED test.

Does everyone need to go through orientation?

Yes, all new ABE students in Flagstaff need to go through orientation. Students in Page and Tuba city receive individualized orientations at entry.


English language students (ESL) are not required to attend.

How do I register for orientation? What do I need to bring to signup?

You need to go to the Fourth Street Campus to sign up. Space is limited, so the earlier you register, the better. To register, you must show proof of U.S. residency which includes a Driver’s License or Permit issued in Arizona after 10/1/96 or from another state except HI, MD, MA, MI, NM, NC, OR, TX, UT, and WA. Arizona ID cards issued by AZ MVD after 10/1/96 or U.S. Passports are also acceptable. If you do not have the above, call us to ask about other acceptable documents for Adult Education.

What do I do next if my intake test scores seem high enough to pass the GED?

Your next step would be to report to the Fourth Street classroom to take GED practice tests to verify your predicted GED scores. If your scores are still high, you could sign up on the next available GED test date.

How many Adult Education Learning Centers are there in the county?

There is currently one center in Flagstaff, one in Page and one in Tuba City. Flagstaff classes are held at CCC’s Fourth Street Campus.

When are the Adult Education Learning Centers open?

Flagstaff and Page are open Monday through Thursday. Morning, afternoon and evening hours are available. Tuba City classes are held Monday through Wednesday. You will get exact hours of operation for Flagstaff at your orientation session. You can visit the CCC Adult Ed webpage or call centers directly for hours.

What about parking?

After completing orientation, you will be eligible for a free parking permit at CCC. Permits will be issued once you attend Fourth Street Campus classes.

If I live in a rural area or I have issues with child care or transportation, can I study at home?

Yes, this may be possible depending on your results from orientation, your Internet access and your dedication. Call 928-526-7638 to learn more.