Accreditation is a formal process that assures the public of an organization's integrity and high quality of services. Obtaining accreditation recognizes that Coconino Community College meets or exceeds the standards and expectations established by the accreditation agency. Coconino Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Coconino Community College is currently participating in the HLC Open Pathway for Reaffirmation of Accreditation.


Master Chart of the Open Pathway Ten-Year Cycle



HLC Virtual Resource Room 

Here you find links to the documents appearing in our 2011 Higher Learning Commission Self-Study.  All evidence referenced in the Self-Study can be examined at this site. 



Each chapter has a web page in the Virtual Resource Room (VRR).  Chapter web pages contain links organized in the order of appearance in the chapter.  Each link list a Resource Record ID number (RRD) that is listed in the Self-Study along with the brief title of the document or website heading.  This number is used to organize the cited references in the Self-Study.  Some documents appear in multiple chapters.  RRD numbers are unique, so that each item in the Self-Study has only one RRD number.



Use the left-hand navigation bar to move between chapters or see the Table of Contents and Appendices.  The left-hand navigation bar will be present on every page for viewer convenience. Please note that the search box in the navigation bar searches the entire college website, not strictly the Virtual Resource Room.


How to use the Virtual Resource Room

Browse the chapters and find the appropriate RRD number to view a document.  If the document is restricted, you will see a lock symbol next to the link and you will be prompted for your CCC username and password to gain access.  Most documents in the VRR are in PDF format.  If a website is referenced, you will be linked directly to that website from the VRR. We hope the Virtual Resource Room aids in finding the materials about CCC that you will need as part of the accreditation process.