Accounting (Certificate)


The Accounting Certificate program is designed to prepare students for employment as entry-level bookkeeper/ accounting position. Students may apply earned credit hours of this program toward the Associate of Applied Science in Business degree with an Accounting track.



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 Minimum Credits Required: 27
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Certificate Information

What courses will I need to take?

Certificate Requirements: 27 credits


Course Title


ACC 108

Practical Accounting Procedures 1


ACC 110

Payroll Accounting


ACC 111

Practical Accounting Procedures 2


ACC 206

Computerized Accounting


ACC 255

Principles of Financial Accounting


BUS 100

Mathematics of Business


BUS 111 or ENG 101    

Business English or College Composition I


BUS 204

Business Communications


CIS 120

Introduction to Computer Information Systems


What will I learn?

Upon successful completion of this program, student will

  • compose and communicate basic accounting information clearly and effectively
  • create and maintain an automated accounting system
  • and apply skills needed to complete the Federal Payroll Certification exam

How will my placement test scores affect my course sequence?

Depending on your English and/or Math placement scores, you may be required to take an additional course or courses that will increase the posted estimated timeline. Placement tests are given to students to determine their specific knowledge or proficiency in math and English, for the purpose of assigning them to the appropriate courses. Test scores are valid for two years. Students can also use their ACT or SAT scores to place them into math and English courses.

Tracks based on current certificate minimum requirements for English and Math.


Track 1:

ENG 095
ENG 099 + RDG 099
ENG 101
ENG 102
BUS 204*

Track 2:

ENG 095
RDG 099
ENG 101A  (combines ENG 099 + ENG 101)
ENG 102
BUS 204*



MAT 088
MAT 091
BUS 100*
MAT 140
ACC 255*

Work with an advisor to ensure completion of your pathway in a timely manner. 

*Core Requirement