We are honored you are considering Coconino Community College as your gateway to educational success. Coconino Community College offers our students and our community an excellent academic experience. We strive to help you meet your educational goals and plans, whether it is for personal interest, a degree, or transfer to a four year institution.  


Our Academic Affairs team is broken into three divisions:


Arts & Sciences

This division focuses on academic subjects such as English, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Foreign Languages, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy and the creative arts.

Career & Technical Education

This division focuses on career oriented subjects such as Education, Computer Information Systems, Business, Accounting, Construction, Public Safety, Medical and Nursing fields. Also included are: Perkins grants and High School transitions programs.

Community and corporate learning

This division focuses on delivering fee based training, testing and non-credit classes. This includes custom training for business and organizations as well as personal enrichment classes for individuals and the community at large.                         


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Bridges to Baccalaureate logoThe Bridging Arizona Native American Students to Bachelor’s Degrees (Bridges) at Coconino Community College (CCC) is a two-semester program, with the opportunity of summer research work at Northern Arizona University (NAU), designed to offer tribal community college students the opportunity to get hands on laboratory experience and enhance their knowledge about the biomedical-related scientific fields. The program consists of individual projects and responsibilities in which the students will learn to collaborate with a faculty mentor and other students in a research setting. This two-semester program gives students the opportunity to develop their laboratory and scientific skill set while attending the community college. The program is funded through a National Institutes of Health (NIH) 5-year grant.




To apply download and fill out our Application.



Bridges Grant Contact

Photo of Aaron Tabor

Program Mentor

Aaron J. Tabor M.S., Ph.D.


Aaron Tabor is a faculty member at Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University as well as the B2B program coordinator. His prior education includes a Bachelor’s of Science, pre-health emphasis from Northern Arizona University, Masters of Science certificate in clinical pathology from The University of Massachusetts- Lowell, Master of Science in Biology from Northern Arizona University, he recently finished his dissertation/Doctoral Degree on the use of Platelet-Rich-Plasma for acute and chronic wound healing. He has a strong passion for educating others and loves the ideals and values of the “Bridges” program. He encourages all who are remotely interested in the sciences to apply for this great program! If you would like to set-up an in-person meeting regarding the Bridges program please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Tabor at Aaron.Tabor@coconino.edu


Elementary Education

The Associate of Arts in Elementary Education is designed for students planning to transfer to an Elementary Education Bachelor’s degree program at all Arizona public universities and requires a minimum of 60 credits. Students planning to transfer to a university other than an Arizona public university should see an advisor. This degree meets the requirement for an AGEC-A degree, which is transferable to all Arizona public universities. Currently, Emily McRobbie is serving as the advisor for this area and may be contacted at (928) 226-4336 or emily.mcrobbie@coconino.edu.


Secondary Education

Students interested in secondary education should see an advisor for the various specialized degree requirements. Science and mathematics majors interested in secondary teaching may qualify for transfer into the NAU Teach program. Other secondary education majors have specific degree pathways. This degree meets the requirement for an AGEC degree, which is transferable to all Arizona public universities. You may contact a general advisor or Emily McRobbie for assistance.


Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education Program offers both a certificate and an Associate of Applied Science degree. The Child Development Associate (CDA) is a subset of our early childhood course offerings. Students interested should see an advisor. Currently, Paul Holbrook is serving as the advsior for this area and may be contacted at (928) 226-4248 or paul.holbrook@coconino.edu. There are financial assistance programs available, including TEACH and PCPP, for early childhood majors.


Continuing Education

Coconino Community College also offers the first Structured English Imersion course (EDU 236) required by the State of Arizona for all public school teachers. Some other courses may also work for continuing education credit. Please contact Emily McRobbie for assistance.


Course Descriptions are found in the Coconino Community College Catalog


Program Outcomes

  • Communication skills: Student will articulate ideas both verbally and written using technology.
  • Diversity and Global Perspective: Student will recognize, understand, and appreciate diverse cultures.
  • Ethical and Civil Values: Student will be able to apply character education methodology to K-8 classrooms to “create supportive learning environments ” (NATCA, 2003)
  • Reflection: Student will be able to apply ongoing reflective activites involving student learning, teaching practices, and professional & ethical behaviors.
  • Research & Identify Resources: Student will be able to access community resources to foster relationships and identify opportunities for lifelong learning. 
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