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We are here to deliver high quality human resources services, in a customer friendly, fair and ethical manner, to create a healthy and dynamic work environment.


Core Values


We—the personnel and District Governing Board of Coconino Community College—are dedicated to providing quality educational opportunities to our community. In doing so, we commit to the following core values to guide our decisions and behaviors as we seek to meet the changing needs, aspirations, and goals of our community:



We strive to accept the uniqueness of each individual and the contribution each person makes. We strive to create a caring, accepting, and productive environment for our students, employees, and community.


Learning and Growth 

We are dedicated to providing lifelong learning opportunities for our students, employees, and community to empower them to achieve their dreams. In this endeavor, we create learning opportunities that are accessible and relevant to our students and which place the learner first.



We recognize the importance of continually improving our educational offerings and services and the need to hold our students and ourselves to high expectations and standards. We employ a dynamic, strategic planning process and constantly assess our activities to be responsive and accountable to our students, employees, and community.



We believe that to be effective we must demonstrate integrity. Therefore, we uphold the highest ethical standards in all of our activities resulting in a responsible and fair environment for our students, employees, and community and a responsive and open decision-making process.



We exist for our community; therefore, we must be responsive to its changing needs and its diversity. To do so, we strive to provide services that are timely, accessible, and affordable. We also pursue partnerships and collaborations throughout our community to be responsive to the needs of our diverse populations.



We recognize that learning cannot occur without respect. We are committed to the acceptance of diverse cultures, differing ideas and beliefs, and the uniqueness of each individual since these are the foundations of respect.



We commit to innovative thinking to guide our decisions toward sustainable practices in our living and working environments. In this earnest endeavor, we strive to demonstrate adaptive leadership, eco-friendly stewardship and quality education in a mindful and economically feasible manner.


 To view a copy of the annual crime report please visit our Security page.

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