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RRD 3-1

Supplemental Credentials form

RRD 3-2

EDU 247 and 250 Course Descriptions

RRD 3-3

Part-time Faculty Hiring Packet

RRD 3-4

Intent to Hire form

RRD 3-5

Letter of Intent

RRD 3-6

Process to Hire Part-Time Faculty form

RRD 3-7

Example of Now advertisement

RRD 3-8

CCC Marketing Plan, 2010

RRD 3-9

Environmental Scanning web site

RRD 3-10

NCHEMS 2007 on Coconino County Demographics and CCC Trends web page

RRD 3-11

National Center for Education Statistics, 2010

RRD 3-12

New Faculty Orientation CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 3-13

Faculty Mentoring CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 3-14

Professional Development Calendar - Login required

RRD 3-15

Application for professional development funds - Login required

RRD 3-16

Training and Development Scholarship intranet page CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 3-17

EDU 250 Packet

RRD 3-18

TLC Assets intranet pages CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 3-19

General Fund and Community College Certification Fund, Fiscal Years 1998 through 2001, Arizona Legislature

RRD 3-20

Fiscal Year 2011 Appropriations Report - Arizona Community Colleges, Arizona Legislature

RRD 3-21

Employee Survey results, 2010

RRD 3-22

PAC Membership/PAC Minutes, 5-17-05 CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 3-23

Blue Ribbon Principles of Governance

RRD 3-24

District Governing Board Shared Governance/DGB Minutes, 2-20-08

RRD 3-25

Strategic Planning at CCC web site 

RRD 3-26

CCC Strategic Plan

RRD 3-27

Self-study faculty and staff survey results

RRD 3-28

Example of College Council agenda

RRD 3-29

Committee List and Charters

RRD 3-30

Committee Definitions

RRD 3-31

College Council Evaluation Survey Results

RRD 3-32

College Council Minutes, 6-10-09

RRD 3-33

Shared Governance Premises for College Council, 3-24-10

RRD 3-34

U.S. Bureau of the Census

RRD 3-35

Core Indicators

RRD 3-36

Sustainable Financial Plan

RRD 3-37

Principles of Shared Governance

RRD 3-38

College Dashboard - Login required


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