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RRD 6-1

Course completion rates report

RRD 6-2

Astin, Banta, Cross, et al. 2003

RRD 6-3

Fager, Alder-Kassner, And Verschelden, 2009 

RRD 6-4

Classroom Assessment Techniques

RRD 6-5

Mid-Course Evaluation web page

RRD 6-6

Rubrics Construction

RRD 6-7

Assessment Resources

RRD 6-8

Assessment Reporting Template Process web pages

RRD 6-9

Assessment Reporting Template Process instructions

RRD 6-10

College Catalog Degrees and Certificates web version

RRD 6-11

Arizona Fire marshal's Office 2009, email exchange between S. Chambers and M. Joya

RRD 6-12

NCLEX Pass Rates 2010 

RRD 6-13

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, 2010, Annual Report

RRD 6-14

General Education Assessment

RRD 6-15

OnCourse website

RRD 6-16

OnCourse 2011 Edition

RRD 6-17

Curios 2011 Edition

RRD 6-18

M. Saltonstall, "Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University Transfer Student Survey," 2006

RRD 6-19

E. Hatchner, "Academic Persistence and Success Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University Students," 2008

RRD 6-20

NAU-CCC Coordination Council Handout 2-3-11 

RRD 6-21

Focus, Summer 2010 

RRD 6-22

Inside NAU 

RRD 6-23

PAIR website

RRD 6-24

EMSA Assessment website

RRD 6-25

OAA website

RRD 6-26

Graduating Student Survey form

RRD 6-27

Course evaluations summary 

RRD 6-28

LEC login spreadsheet tally, 2010 

RRD 6-29

LEC assessment template 2010 

RRD 6-30

B.A. Cress, "Persistence of Underprepared Community College Students Related to Learning Assistance Center Use," 2003

RRD 6-31

Email message from B. Voytek, 4-18-10 

RRD 6-32

Financial Aid & Veteran Services assessment template report

RRD 6-33

AZCIS resources website

RRD 6-34

Student services assessment template report 2010 

RRD 6-35

Condition Of Education, NCES

RRD 6-36

"Tracking Students to 200 Percent of Normal Time: Effect On Institutional Graduation Rates," NCES 2011-221, National Center for Education Statistics, 2010

RRD 6-37

PEDS Feedback Report 2010 

RRD 6-38

J. Lenger, "Light Illuminates Better Teaching Strategies," Harvard University Gazette, 3-8-01 

RRD 6-39

Top Strategies for Student Success web page

RRD 6-40

Business Services departmental self-study response

RRD 6-41

Facilities/Security Self Study

RRD 6-42

Monthly Status Report-IT Services, February 2011

RRD 6-43

Year-Three Strategic Plan

RRD 6-44

Academic Affairs Strategic Planning Implementation Status report web pages

RRD 6-45

Year-Two Strategic Plan web page

RRD 6-46

District Governing Board Self-Assessment 2010 

RRD 6-47

ACCT Self-Assessment Guidelines web page

RRD 6-48

District Governing Board Self-Assessment Summary Analysis 2010

RRD 6-49

Richard Light Profile

RRD 6-50

U.S. Office Of Vocational And Adult Education website

RRD 6-51

Arizona Adult Education Services website

RRD 6-52

CCC Adult Education Program Procedures

RRD 6-53

Adult Education National Reporting System website

RRD 6-54

American Institutes for Research website

RRD 6-55

Reframing at Coconino Community College summary

RRD 6-56

General Education Assessment web pages

RRD 6-57

Research Brief #7: CCC Students Report Significant Gains in Right Brain Skills

RRD 6-58

Department Chair Meeting Minutes, 10-12-10

RRD 6-59

K. Corak email message to CCC Faculty, 11-02-11

RRD 6-60

Faculty Credentials Summary 

RRD 6-61

Policy 443-00

RRD 6-62

Policy 443-09 

RRD 6-63

Faculty Information

RRD 6-64

Travel Justification FY12 spreadsheet 

RRD 6-65

Policy 420-01 

RRD 6-66

NAU and CCC Announce New Library Partnership press release, 4-14-10

RRD 6-67

Use Of Cline Library Resources Skyrockets as Awareness Increases press release, 10-27-10

RRD 6-68

CCC2NAU About web page

RRD 6-69

Tag, your It! ASU Makes Transferring Easier press release, 4-14-10

RRD 6-70

ASU tuition and billing web page

RRD 6-71

ASU transfer from Coconino Community College web page 

RRD 6-72

Sustainable Green Building: AAS Degree program description

RRD 6-73

CCC Awarded for Associate of Applied Science in Sustainable Green Building Degree press release, 11-29-10

RRD 6-74

Fast Fridays Focus on Convenience press release, 11-23-09

RRD 6-75

NAU Cline Library About web page 

RRD 6-76

NAU Factbook 2010

RRD 6-77

NAU College of Education home page

RRD 6-78

NCATE website

RRD 6-79

M. Baker, "Predicting NCLEX-RN Success Through Prerequisite and Admission Requirements," 2008

RRD 6-80

P. Holbrook, "The Relationship between Instructional Technologies and Knowledge Acquisition in a College Setting," 2010

RRD 6-81

ACRES website

RRD 6-82

IPEDS Enrollment Survey, National Center for Education Statistics

RRD 6-83

CCC Enrollment report, Fall 2010

RRD 6-84

2NAU application

RRD 6-85

Online Course Evaluation report 

RRD 6-86

ITS Fiscal Year End reports, 2008 through 2010

RRD 6-87

ITS Strategic Plan Implementation Reports web pages

RRD 6-88

Multimedia Request Form

RRD 6-89

ITS HELP Desk web pages 

RRD 6-90

CCC/NAU collaborative library web page 

RRD 6-91

ITS User Support web page

RRD 6-92

District Governing Board minutes of regular meeting, 11-18-09

RRD 6-93

President's Report 1-08

RRD 6-94

President's Report 1-09 

RRD 6-95

ACCPC Strategic Vision

RRD 6-96

ABOR 2020 Vision report 

RRD 6-97

President's Report 12-08 

RRD 6-98

President's Report 6-08

RRD 6-99

President's Report 8-08

RRD 6-100

President's Report 10-08

RRD 6-101

President's Report 11-09

RRD 6-102

President's Reports, 1-08, 8-08, 10-09

RRD 6-103

President's Report 11-08

RRD 6-104

President's Report 04-08

RRD 6-105

CCC Foundation Annual Report online

RRD 6-106

President's Report 02-11 

RRD 6-107

Coconino YouthBuild website 

RRD 6-108

YouthBuild Press Release, Coconino County, 11-26-07

RRD 6-109

President's Reports 3-09, 9-09, 1-09, 2-09, 5-10, Coconino County President's Report 8-10

RRD 6-110

Coconino Community College to Offer Classes to WL Gore Engineers, Public Relations press release, 1-13-11

RRD 6-111

M. Inigo email message to I. Lee of 1-19-11 

RRD 6-112

Department Chair's meeting minutes, 1-25-11

RRD 6-113

ITS Fiscal Year 2010 report

RRD 6-114

President's Report 2-09

RRD 6-115

New User Friendly Website Launched press release, 2-2-10 


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