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RRD 7-1

Policy 2-00

RRD 7-2

Policy 430-06

RRD 7-3

Policy 302-01

RRD 7-4

CCC Online Library website

RRD 7-5

Plagiarism 101: Keys to Preventing Academic Misconduct

RRD 7-6

Policy 410-16

RRD 7-7

Rhodes Sabbatical Report

RRD 7-8

Policy 430-04

RRD 7-9

Policy 503-01

RRD 7-10

Teaching and Learning Spring 2011 web page

RRD 7-11

Results From Past CCC Employee Surveys web page

RRD 7-12

Policy 4-00 

RRD 7-13

Three-year Scheduling Plan

RRD 7-14

Welcome to the TLC CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 7-15

Business Plan Outline

RRD 7-16

Title III grant application, 2004

RRD 7-17

Executive Director CCL job description

RRD 7-18

Tuition Proposal Matrix, Board FY 11-12 tab

RRD 7-19

Emergency Loan Application

RRD 7-20

CCC2NAU website

RRD 7-21

Learning Assistance at the LEC web pages

RRD 7-22

Career Services 

RRD 7-23

Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Center web page

RRD 7-24

Faculty and Staff Professional Development Resources CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 7-25

CCC Mentoring Program CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 7-26

PDA Scoring Guide

RRD 7-27

Adult Basic Education Statement of Assurances and Professional Development Tracking Form

RRD 7-28

TLC Library CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 7-29

Title III grant application 1999 and performance report

RRD 7-30

Teaching and Learning Conference CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 7-31

CCC Home Page

RRD 7-32

CCC Adult Education website

RRD 7-33

Hillary Davis, "It's gonna be better," AZ Daily Sun, 4-6-11 and "Finally passing the test," AZ Daily Sun, 6-5-11

RRD 7-34

Community and Corporate Learning web page

RRD 7-35

CCC Foundation Annual Reports, 2008-2009 and 2009-2010

RRD 7-36

CocoNotions 2011 web page

RRD 7-37

Nomination for Outstanding Faculty of the Year form

RRD 7-38

Policy 306-01

RRD 7-39

English and Liberal Studies Department Publications web page

RRD 7-40

Online Instruction Learning Circle CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 7-41

General Education web page

RRD 7-42

General Education Values Statement

RRD 7-43

AGEC (Arizona General Education Core) Statewide Agreements

RRD 7-44

General Education Student Outcomes checklist

RRD 7-45

Course Placement Criteria

RRD 7-46

Eickmeyer, B. "A Faculty Report on Assessment of General Education at Coconino Community College"

RRD 7-47

 IDEA Center web page

RRD 7-48

Graduating Student Survey web page

RRD 7-49

General Education Committee Charter

RRD 7-50

Critical Thinking

RRD 7-51

Strategic Plan Implementation Status Report, Office of the President

RRD 7-52

Quality Enhancement reports web pages

RRD 7-53

General Education Assessment Techniques and Baseline Line Measurements with first year updates

RRD 7-54

Academic program review web pages

RRD 7-55

Academic program review schedule

RRD 7-56

Policy 301-00 

RRD 7-57

ACRES login page and course data entry screens

RRD 7-58

Memo: K. Corak to L. Bornstein, 2-6-09

RRD 7-59

Learning Outcomes web pages

RRD 7-60

Curriculum Activity Report, 2008-2010

RRD 7-61

AZ Transfer website

RRD 7-62 E-Advising tool website

RRD 7-63

Shared Unique Number Matrix 

RRD 7-64

Employee Development Day CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 7-65

296 Course Outline

RRD 7-66

Online Course Review form

RRD 7-67

Center For Lifelong Learning-Course Evaluation Form

RRD 7-68

CCC Economic Impact flyer

RRD 7-69

Faculty Reference Guide

RRD 7-70

Policy 430-00

RRD 7-71

Policy 105-01

RRD 7-72

Policy 302-02

RRD 7-73

Research Integrity and Human Subjects Protection web pages

RRD 7-74

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment web page

RRD 7-75

Policy 303-11

RRD 7-76

Policy 105-02

RRD 7-77

Internship documents

RRD 7-78

Policy 142-01

RRD 7-79

TLC Copyright Resources CCC intranet - Login required

RRD 7-80

The purloined Paper: A plagiarism Workshop for Faculty

RRD 7-81

Library Documentation web page

RRD 7-82

Academic Standards and Procedures Section of CCC Online Catalog

RRD 7-83

Syllabus Statements

RRD 7-84

Student Support Services newsletter, March 2011

RRD 7-85

Associated Student Body Constitution

RRD 7-86

President's Report 01-2010, page 3

RRD 7-87

Policy 305-00

RRD 7-88

Policy 305-01

RRD 7-89

Flagstaff Community Solar Greenhouse: Preliminary Analysis, Observations, and Recommendations, 2011


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