1098T Tax Form Information


1098T FAQ


We offer four ways for you to pay:


Pay Online

Login to your student account pay your tuition.  

Payment Plan

CCC offers a payment plan option for students. 

Pay In-Person

At our Flagstaff Lone Tree campus or our Page campus.

Pay by Phone

928-226-4299 - we do experience high call volumes.


A few things to remember and be aware of:

  • CCC accepts Visa, Master Card, and Discover credit cards.
  • Any payments made by check are processed as a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account using your banking information. Funds may be withdrawn from your account as soon as the same day payment is received.
  • Payment Plan Option
    • The Payment Plan option provides you a no-interest, no loan method for paying your tuition. The Payment Plan option is done through Nelnet. Be aware, Nelnet does charge a $30 non-refundable enrollment fee. Their is also a $30 fee for each missed payment. You will need to provide a credit card or your bank account information.
    • For information on enrollment periods, down payments, and when your first payment is due, visit My College Payment Plan.
  • Paying by phone is the least efficient way to pay, because of our high call volume.



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